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Master Smartphone Repair Techniques In Just A Few Hours

It is true that technology is evolving at a very fast rate. To justify this, the smart phones being released into the market currently have features that we did not deem possible some time back. While it is true that these smart phones come with many benefits such as betters services, faster operations and convenience, the gadgets also come with repair costs. Sometimes, technicians charge exorbitant rates for their repairs services that it makes it necessary for you to learn some of the repair techniques by yourself in order to cut on the costs. In this article, we show you how you can master all these in just a few hours.

What are some of the smart phone repair services that you should not pay anyone to do?

The type of repair that your phone will need once damaged will depend on how the damage has occurred and how bad it is. Here are some common damages that you should not pay anyone to repair them for you:

Broken screen replacement

With some little courage and some basic tools, you can replace the screen to your smart phone alone. When in need of these services, you can find all the necessary steps that you can take online. We recommend that you read the instructions at Within a few hours, you will have learned all the tricks in the books that will enable you to replace your phone’s screen successfully.

Phone soaked in water

One of the most common damages on smart phones apart from screen breakage is socking in water. This is an accident that many people cannot seem to avoid. One minute you are holding your phone and the next minute it is lying still in a pool of water. However, worry not; you can repair this mess alone by first removing the battery from the phone (if possible). The second step involves dipping the phone in a bag or rice that will in turn sock the water. Depending on your luck, your phone might work again.

Recovery your data

If your smart phone is just no longer working, and it will not power on, you could try sending it in for warranty replacement. However, if you need your pictures, video’s and cotacts, you would be out of luck, as cellephone service providers do not provide such restore services. Instead you will have to seek out a data retrieval service , which can perform the data extraction for you.

Improving your camera lens

With the continuous usage of your smart phone, some of its parts may start to wear off. These parts may include the phone’s cover and its camera lens. These however do not require that you take your phone to a technician. Instead, you can change the lens by yourself by following the simple steps available online.

However, it is important that you become selective in the sites you trust for repair guidelines because most of them are up to no good with their instructions.


Mastering some smart phone repair techniques is not a hard task especially with the internet at our disposal at any time. In that case, you do not have to keep paying your technician to handle minor repairs issues in your phone. Instead, you can learn the techniques on the internet by yourself in just a few hours.

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